I just finished in the office when the door opened, and entered it. Jaguars, and blue. I lay on the table and sighed. God, that was all I needed. The Witch Ground 6, the beasts of the typewriter, two women, the great three-headed dog Cerberus, running to the gates of hell, with its tail between its legs, two women, that is sent. Well, you get the idea. That yes, I remember when he stopped to close the door, they have what it takes, if given the opportunity he would show them both what was a good bear. Show them who’s boss, who are on their knees begging for more, in some respects, she fucks, it was a stirring in his groin, when I made up my eporner mind to fuck in the thinking of presentation. They bend my will with the power of my.. Jaguars depend only closed the door. When he turned around and started walking on me, I saw the look in his eyes, the panic I realized, I still remember the feeling that my balls bounced off the stomach of the danger zone”Shit, you know that eporner blocks their bonds. ” You were a few feet from me. Sadistic little smile played across their faces. Luckily, I had to get my management studies. All I needed was a bit of Neuro- Linguistic Programming and would like to maintain control. I had my power of mantra, and I sang to me in my head, “you have no fear, you’re the boss, you have control, have no power over you, over and over until. SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT ” The last piece was the way I threw physical damage on the desk at an alarming rate, there appeared a roll of tape and within seconds was lying face up on the table spread, arms and legs attached to the table. mantra is still running in my head, I whispered : ” Do you realize this is eporner a serious disciplinary offemmm ” I am sure that without the gag could convince them that this would not be a career change good. Once secured, it.. A large pair of scissors was produced. Bigger than I had ever seen, I remember thand what brightness in my eyes, cruel, my cock was tried, it is possible to keep my eggs out of the danger zone. Suddenly everything went black, blindfolded ! I was eporner pushing and shoving at the end of the table between my legs apart, little by little, I felt the tip of the scissors, the inside of my thigh, all the way strong enough to know me, I was there, and then again and eporner then the other leg. The blades open on each side of my leg. And he began to cut, sharp scissors, faster and faster it moves, the cold metal on my skin, mounted in a panic, then at the last moment, she heard the scissors’ blades resting smoothly on both sides of my eggs before finally, fortunately they were removed. That was cut before the other leg, followed by the rest of my clothes until I was naked, spread over my desk. – There was a pause, wild thought crossed my mind, ” not afraid, you’re the boss, you have control, have no power over you, SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT ” The final piece was when I felt something warm splash on my belly, ” Blood! I really thought they did cut my dick ” waited for the pain but did not, instead I felt four hands soften the body, the diffusion of fluid in the abdomen and chest did. The smell, baby oil. relaxes the smooth movement of the hands of me. slowly pour more oil, which ran slowly on my thighs to drip on the desk. was strangely erotic, totally at the mercy of the two women. Why did it? a new feeling, it was a language? to the thighs, around my balls, ( who had decided to make a return ). until the length of my shaft. I did, always hard at attention. it felt like your hands and tongue and teeth everywhere, gentle, probing, licking, biting, bruising. little sigh of pleasure escaped from my mouth. full hard now, I found the table to lift the hips. “You have no fear, you are a’re the boss, you have control, have no power over that slide, SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT ” A finger in the anus as hot and wet mouth slid over my cock. ecstasy mounted, as I played the mouth, the pressure is more and more sense to me. Maybe I was too hasty, with the advantage, there was always room for negotiation.. Slowly approaching my orgasm orgasm, but they eporner were good. kept me there for what seemed to be forever, right on the edge, ready to go. was torture, I would give anything if they let me come. suddenly I felt a release, increasing the felt a slide upside down, wrapped around my penis, it was amazing , wonderful, wonderous, the greatest orgasm of the world continued the band was out, a moment of disorientation, as my eyes adjusted, I saw a face, a strange face, a broken mans face. then he felt the courage to burst me in a huge explosion, I looked down to see up a little bald. When my orgasm overwhelmed me again, a Jaguarsnd blue look behind the video camera, record company to the glow, smiling, but not a friendly smile. A voice in my head kept repeating my mantra, ” You’re afraid you’re not the boss, not in control, eporner who have power over you, saying, oh shit! for the first time ” Now the these bonds ”